ICL: Implantable Contact Lens

ICl is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon implants a Collamer lens into the eye of the patient to emend nearsightedness. Prior to this treatment tolerant suffering from nearsightedness used to rely on spectacles & corrective laser eye surgery, but now with the advancements made in the medical field this fine procedure has introduced a revolutionary change in the sphere of eye treatment procedures. Collamer lenses are purely made up of biocompatible material which assures that it will work with your eyes efficiently.

implantable contact lens

Treatment Procedure
Distinct from traditional lenses which gets positioned on the surface of the eye, Collamer lenses are implanted inside the eye in-between the iris and the natural lens. After the surgery the lens works for indefinite time, but if in any case change occurs in your vision the lenses could be removed without any hesitation.

treatment procedure

    You can expect the whole procedure to take place in between 15 minutes or less
    To minimize the discomfort topical anesthetic drops are given to patient
    Then surgeon creates a micro cavity in cornea to insert the lens
    Lens is folded carefully and inserted in a syringe and then placed in between the iris & natural lens            via created cavity discreetly
    Lens immediately unfolds into the eye and rectified into its place
    This short painless vision rectification is quite unique and effective

Am i eligible for this process?
If you are suffering from nearsightedness and have had correct vision for 12 months apart from that your age is between 21 and 45 then you are eligible candidate for ICL treatment. This procedure is also effective for tolerant suffering from dry eye or has thin corneas. One main advantage in ICL is lasers are not utilized to reshape the cornea.

Recovery Time

Recovery takes place on the very day of surgery due to following reasons

  Incision is made at the edge of cornea so there is no threat to the vision
Mirco cavity can be healed easily & quickly
No micro structures or stitches are required