Glaucoma Services

A fluid which is responsible for maintaining nutrition balance and shape of the eye is known as aqueous humor, but in some cases disequilibrium in the production as well as evacuation process of this fluid causes an increasing pressure within the eye and this problem is known as glaucoma. As shown in the picture after some period of time the increasing pressure becomes a huge barrier in the way of blood vessels trying to transfer blood to the eyes, which furthermore poses a threat to vision and in some cases permanent blindness also occurs.



Unfortunately, even after so many advents going on in medical industry still it is quite difficult to detect glaucoma at its early stage. In most of the cases there are no symptoms of this disease and caveat signs come into attention after so much non-recoverable damage to the eye. All over the world this has because a prime reason for vision loss.

This is how glaucoma affects the vision of tolerant


At KapilEyeHospital we measure the increasing pressure (IOP) within the eye with Non-Contact Tonometer it is basically a prism which throws blue light. As this device is quite effective in nature and helps in achieving highly accurate measurements. Our specialists touch the eyeball with this device to attain the correct statistics.   

At the initial level, slow death of nerve fibers takes place and to detect as well as treat this damage our ophthalmologists use OCT device. Have a glimpse of treatment options for this slow sight killing disease.


At the initial level eye drops and pills can ease the pain and appear as a blessing for tolerant. These medications act in a way that helps to detract production of aqueous humor fluid or improve the drainage system. Sometimes convalescent experience itching in fingers and toes, lower appetite, kidney problems as a sign of side effects, in any of this case you should immediately stop taking the medications and reach us, there is a huge possibility that you might be allergic to prescribed medicine.



Laser Iridotomy
Here iris is punctured with a hole to release the flow of fluid and decrease the progressive pressure.


Our dextrous surgeons work with micro instruments to from another new drainage way for the fluid to evacuate. The surgery is highly secure and complications free fortunately. glau5

Either laser, surgery or medication whatever the way is, the primary motive is to decrease the eye pressure and make the fluid flow out again. Do not take glaucoma lightly as this disease demands serious attentions and treatment, book your consultation today.