Cataract & Phacoemulsification

Cataract is basically a cloud in your vision or in simple words blurry vision. This eye disease causes disruption of light into the retina, which creates images like looking through an opaque glass.

What Actually Causes Cataract?
The main cause of the cataract is disturbed protein structure in the lens of the eyeball as the age passes by. Following are the other reasons that lead to cataract

  Corticosteroid medications
  Previous eye surgery
  Alcohol consumption
  Hormone replacement therapy
  Family history
  High myopia

Also, long-term use of irrelevant medication leads to Cataract. At the initial stage it could be rectified with spectacles, but as the time passes it becomes difficult to have clear sight.

Symptoms of Cataract
Progressive blurry image is the quite general symptom moreover person suffering from this problem faces focus problem while driving and doing other daily work reading, writing, watching TV to name a few each and every thing that demands clear vision.


There is no medication, exercise or eye drops to stop and eliminate cataract, surgery is the only option.

Phacoemulsification Procedure
Via incision a micro instrument is inserted into the eye that vibrates forty thousand times a second resulting breakage of the cataract into tiny pieces. After this phase these small pieces are sucked out of the eye and replaced with a new artificial lens. No stitches are required in this case and healing is quick. Usually within 5 days you can get back to your daily chores.

Your doctor is responsible for the selection of best appropriate solution that suits for your case.

Benefits :-

  No Stitches
  No Pain
  No Injection
  No Cloudy Glance
  Highly Accurate
  Recovery Time 4-7 Days
  Enhanced Contrast & Focus
  Long lasting outcome
  Very higher rate of success
  Not a prolonged surgery