To deliver nothing but the best in the sphere of eye care we have adopted modern tools and technologies, have a glimpse of the technologies that we utilize at the Kapil Eye Hospital moreover every now and then we replace the machines with latest ones just to decrease time and make the process cost effective.
  CATALYS precision laser system

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  Ultra Modern Modular Operation Theatre
  Intrlase Bladeless for lasik (Femto Lasik)
  Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser From Alcon
  New Stellaris Posterior
  TMS-5 (Tomey)
  The Optovue RT Vue -100
  Microkeratome of B& L, Moria and AMO
  SIGNATURE , AMO , for MICS Phaco surgeries
  COMPACT, AMO for MICS phaco sugeries
  SWISSTECH , ortellli for phaco surgeries
  INFINITY , Alcon, for phaco surgeries
  LOUREAT , AMO, for phaco surgeries
  MILLENIUM, B&L for phaco surgeries
  Green lasers for retinal treatment
  HFA from HAAG Streit , carl zeiss, OPTO.
  FFA from Carlzeiss,
  Yag lasers from Luminious , lightmed, carl zeiss
  Advanced microscopes from Carlzeiss
  A-Scan Alcon,Imersan And Contact
  B-Scan (ODM)-200
  Lenstar LS 900 The Optical Biometer of the entire eye
  I Tracey Ray Tracing Aberrometer and Topographer
  Auto Keratometer KM500 (Nidek)