Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision
Kapil Eye Hospital understands that patients require a personal touch in order to recover fast and recover well. Our teams of doctors are highly friendly in nature and your every query will answered with a description in a polite manner. Providing optimum quality Eye care services with care is what we adhere.


Our Mission
At KapilEyeHospital you will find our Ophthalmologists striving hard to enhance our services, but without increasing the cost of treatment. It is our primary goal to make sure eye treatment is not out of reach from the common man that is why we assure that convalescents receive the adequate care & attention at affordable prices.

We believe in perfection, after all it is the matter in which your eyes are concerned, so we strictly follow the regulations of ISO 9001:2008. Every client means a lot to us and we pay special attentions to their suggestions to improve more & more.